Hand of Fate

Hand of Fate is one of those small unknown games I absolutely love.

On Hand of Fate case what I like is how well oiled the game is, the mix of combat, card game, narrative all link together to make for an charming experience and the game is just the right size to not overstay it's welcome thou if you want more of it the DLC had new classes for those willing try it again. It helps the game combat is hard but give you all the tools to conquer it so you have this nice feel of mastering it.

It's a pity isn't more popular and a generic jRPG like Xenoblade will probably sell far more. Mind you, there is nothing wrong in Xenoblade taking the well traveled road and I'm sure the fans of the genre may enjoy it but I like a new, fresh experience on my gaming time.

The solution obviously was for the dealer to be kawaii gipsy with questionable clothing.