I decided to give Druid a spin, both the token variety and the jade one.

I found the token one superior because you win games faster but I believe it may lose to jade if it ramp up well and put some tech cards like crabs.

Talking about tech cards, Jade Druid with Ultimate Infestation can probably counter any deck if you tech properly. I was running the full jade package plus ramp spells and still had run for Doomsayer. Big Game Hunter, Crab, Black Knight and a Lich King because why the fuck not?

I coud easily replace those for Spellbreakers, Eater of Secrets, or Oozes if so the meta skewed to this side..

Every time I lost, I knew of a card in my deck which I drew could turn the tide.

Plus, it's not a hard deck to play.

10/10 turn 5, would infest again.