I know why some people hang on Hearthstone on those Druid infested days, they hope to find the rare "unicorn" deck who'll finally put Druids on their place.

But I very much doubt this legendary deck will appear. Druid has all the tools right now to dominate the meta and if one deck appears which is reasonably effective against it it will be so anti-druid teched it'll fall pray to the new decks which will rise on the vacuum left by druids, creating a cycle where Druids will keep coming back. Doesn't help there are two popular Druid decks so you can't even know if should mulligan for the fast token druid or the late game jade one.

Now, every expansion has it's meta deck, but the problem is Jade Druid (and it's less popular cousin, Token Druid) been on the meta since the previous expansion which made people got fed up on it very fast.

Personally, I'm on the unicorn crew, trying to find a deck to at least give those pesky Druids some trouble but I know I'm not being competitive. If I wanted to easily reach high levels I'd just play Druid, period.

In the end, it boil down to enjoying the game or not and just remember if the idea of fighting yet another Druid mirror make you shudder, just remember there are other games out there.