I play a fair bit of Torbjorn, mostly because it's easy.

But even being less intense than playing Genjsi, almost all matches I won with him had me at some point trying to kill a flanker by myself.

Now, between Molten Core, armor packs and turret support, it's not impossible for Torb to fend off an annoying flanker. but in the end I still need to hit a couple of headshots or I'll probably die or at least need to run away.

If I don't deal with the flanker I'll probably die and given how Overwatch works, we'll probably lose the point. I only managed to get wins consistently with Torb after I learned to deal with flankers. In comparision, playing TF2 Engineer with big sentry is far, far easier to a point it gets boring.

If you manage to kill the flankers, hold the enemy tanks with your ultimate and save the supports with armor packs, people will take it for granted.

However, god forbid you die... the team failure will rest sorely on your shoulders them.

Still I don't care, because in the end of the day the losing team will complain about something anyway, Torb is just an easy target despite being so small.

Aardvark never pays off.