This comic looks like an ad for Steamworld Heist and kind it is, except I've not been paid for it. :P

I was looking for a game satisfy my strategy craving before Xcom2 pops but I didn't want to delve on a 100 hours time sink like Disgaea, or get fed up with with Xcom by playing Long War and Steamworld Heist fits the bill.

It's not an overly complicated game, and it's also short. If Xcom2 is a 7 course meal, Steamworld is more like a gourmet burger. It's tasty and fits the bill.

It's kind of a pity the game is short but in a sense, this is a blessing in disguise. It's filled with small, nice details while it lasts and it's over before you notice it.

Last note for those on the fence, you can collect hats, which serve nothing but I prefer my steambots stylish when they do trick shots.