Souless Monster

I want to play Dragon Age again but the idea of fighting the sea of darkspawn quickly wane any desire I had of repeating the game.

Sure, I could make other character but truth is, if you finished the game once you know very well Mages are the best class in the game and anything else is support.

Even with Mages, there are just a dozen spells which are clear winners and some which are so innefective you ponder if they aren't bugged. Still, mages are lucky to have -some- good abilites to choose, unlike 2hander fighters.

If I'd play again would be just to try to create a tactic which allow me play the game without pausing, rellying solely on the Tactics AI to do the job. THIS would be the challenge, because the combat itself is, imo, pretty shallow and the reliance on pause, very boring.