Valve Time

When TF2 got it's second wind with new hats, payload maps and class updates, the console peas... players asked if they would get it too, from what they heard a "yes".

As we all know, this was not meant to be. There are several reasons for that though, at least for the Xbox version.

- Microsoft charged $ for updates, this means every time Valve wanted to add maps, class updates or hats, they would need to pay Microsoft some.

- There is a limit of how big a update can be, and TF2 surely broke it limit long ago

- TF2 popularity on Xbox was not that big, making the effort to invest on it not profitable.

Now, I'm sure Valve could ask Benjamim to talk with Microsoft on their behalf and update TF2 on a loss just to keep their word but I feel they got fed up with the Xbox Live atmosphere, it was lots of effort for minimal rewards and they decided to cut their losses and just abandon TF2 console to their own luck.

By the way, looks like Playsation version of TF2 had it's own share of trouble, mostly based on the company who did the port so things weren't much better on Sony side either.

Still, all this said and done, they still promissed and not delivered, so if the Pyro update turn into something which is just too bothersome to do, it may just not be made. Luckily, it seen it's simple enough it will be done anyway.