Disclaimer: I'm not a fan of games with bad, tragic ends. Sure, I can enjoy this (a bit) on books or movies but games take lots of time and effort. I want my reward in the end, thank you.

Bastion and Transistor spoiler alert:  At Bastion end, you can either be pick to be stuck in a time loop (the game restarts) or let the old world die. Hardly a glorious triumph but hey, I take it. Honestly, at the time I was just happy I figured the whole loop thing and went straight to the "fuck the world" end. Still, like I said,  hardly a huge success.

Still, I enjoyed the gameplay, art and narrative so I bought Transistor without thinking twice and lo and behold, the ending is even more bleak than Transistor.

What the fuck Supergiant. Do you guys have some sadness fetish? Do you code in black with the lights out while sipping bitter coffee? Is saving the day too cool for you guys?

I made myself a promisse: If Supergiant Games release another game I'll flat out ask people if the game is another nihilistic drama so I can save myself the effort, all while bitching about how I hated both games ends.

This comic is that bitching.

p.s. Yeah, I'm still bitter about Transistor end.