When I first saw the Squid Girl taunt (don't know if the boy has a different one) I though "my, my... aren't you being a bit rude my dear?" but since the squid people seen a bit mischiveous I thought it was them just being in character. In my mind it was rude but it did not bother me. If anything, I was just surprised the family friendly Nintendo put anything in his game which isn't extremely sanitized.

My surprise disappeared when Nintendo patched the offensive taunt into something less provocative. Both taunts are still pretty similar and honestly, I think the new one looks better.

I'm unsure how offensive the old taunt was on the rude scale but those days people get offended by pretty much anything so I'm sure someone somewhere lost their shit because of it.

Can't blame Nintendo, really but at least the change was minimal instead of, say, removing squid people from the game.