Injustice 2

I have no interest in watching the sequel to Batman vs Superman... I don't even know if it's called Batman vs Superman 2 or Justice League or whatever.

The moment the big fight between the 2 protagonists happens, the raison d'être of the whole thing, is defused because a already beaten Supers pathetically begs for his mum life, the movie was over for me.

Not like the movie was much better after that, the whole feud between both heroes wasn't very convincing for me to start, but I wanted to see how the thing would be solved and boy, was I disappointed?

I'm baffled Netherealms managed to make a better DC movie than Hollywood but here it is.

Not to say Injustice doesn't have it's flaws. Wonder Woman obsession over Kriptonian cock gets annoying after a certain point, and the plot armor is strong on whoever needs to win a certain fight but let's say the only way for people like Superman or Flash to lose is with the writer's help.

I also enjoyed Injustice 1 story more than 2, but the keyword here is I ENJOYED both, can't say the same about Batman vs Superman.