Dota 2 is suffering from the same problem which plagued TF2 which is cosmetic abuse.

Different from TF2, which had some questionable choice of cosmetics (like THAT demoman glasses) the problem in Dota 2 is particles.

The higher rank on item can have particles, which may be anything from smoke trails to burning flames, and usually is tied to the equipment. A sword will turn into a flaming sword, a helmet into a flaming helmet, and so on.

So what happen when every single piece of equipment have particle? You end up looking like a walking glitch, poping sparkles everywhere. Doesn't help some spells also add particles like Ion Shell and Aphotic Shield. Mix it all and you see where I am coming.

It's interesting to not one reason for auras in Dota2 to not have an visual effect was to avoid visual clutter but we are getting there anyway with just cosmetics.

I know some players don't mind and they are cool with their characters looking like 4th of July is this means they would grab more attention but for me, they are a visual aberration which I could live without.