Orc Must Go

I like Orcs Must Die. It's not my favorite series of all time but it gets the job done. I like the graphics, the goofliness, the gameplay and the characters. Well, the protagonist may get a bit obnoxious from time to time but it's part of his charm I guess.

So when i heard Orcs Must Die Unchained was supposed to be some weird PvP game with MOBA elements my interested instantly vanished. Unless you are Dota I have no interested in a genre with such a steep learning curve.

For me, OMD was above all a PvE game where I could practice orc genocide at my own pace without something calling me names because I picked Tar Trap instead of the arrow one.

So I'm glad to find it looks like the whole moba thing is gone and they are back to the classic gameplay. The game was released this week (with surprisingly little fanfare) and is also Free to Play so if you like the series there is little holding you in giving it a try.