I was finding Dragon Age surpringly hard, which surprised me since I am used to play all my games on the hardest setting No matter where I turned, I would always face hard bosses. Maybe I should visited Redcliff first? Or maybe I should gone visit the Dalish elves instead? I always seen to choose the worst zone to visit.

Until I come to a boss which one-shotted all but one of my characters. It's almost like the enemies are... yes.

Turn the zones of the game scale with your level so, no matter where you go, the enemies will always be on your toes. Sure, once generate, they stay at the same level, but if you make this an habit you will start running from every boss.

I guess some people prefer it this that way... I am not one of then. It annoy me that weak Hurlock I was fighting when I just turned in a Grey Warden STILL can kill me even though in theory 5x stronger now.

In the end, which zone you choose to first matter little. Enemies are weaker if you are on your first levels, stronger if you are more powerful. Sure, you have more abilities and (I hope) they don't but if you charge that group of wolves you will still die.

The static challenge have the bonus of forcing you to optimize your party. You can't ditch Morrigan until you have another mage to pick her place. Unless you play on normal or easier (which, honestly, I recommend) you WILL want a optmized party, instead choosing people for their personalities.

Isn't to say you don't get a bit stronger in the course of the game... you -do- get some nicer equipment.. gear, however, have little impact in the game so the "a bit" stronger is just that, a teeny bit boost.

I close sharing with my readers the amazing strategy which allowed me beat all fights thus far without backtracking.

Or just fight every boss fight on easy. I won't blame you.