PlayerUnknown's Battleground

Playerunknown's Battleground (what a mouthful of a name) is one of those battle royale games like The Culling. If you are not familiar, it works like that...

A bunch of people are throw on a island and need to kill each other. The last one alive wins. To avoid people just hiding forever on the island, there is a poison cloud mechanic which slowly surround the island, forcing all players to converge to the same place and kill each other.

All of the games using the formula for me suffer the same problem... the game really rewards camping, and when you half of the server with the same idea you have a game which is FOR ME half walking simulator, half watching paint dry. It's not unheard for a guy start the game, find some good weapons lying around in a building and just hide in a bush / rock / room and win by killing the last enemy who had 10 kills but little health and ammo because of that.

The formula seen to work since the game obviously have it's crowd. For me, I just wish the matches were faster, with the poison area moving far, far faster and I wish whoever killed people get some kind of permanent bonus so killing people had some benefit giving whoever is active a bonus versus the campers.

But I guess I'm not the public for those games. For all campers out there, enjoy!