The hardest part, but the most fun, of this comic, was drawing the fuchikomas.

I did not expect the new live action Ghost in the Shell movie to be good, as I don't expect any blockbuster Hollywood movie to grasp my interest.

GITS is both too lewd and too deep for a short movie. The original series always had political scandals, existential questions and some fanservice of both the flesh and mechanical kind and I can't see they putting it on a movie for the western audience.

May as well make an action cyberpunk movie, focusing on the special effects and future dakka but still trying to stay true to the characters.. You already have the movie main plot, there is no way you can also fit Major origin there, and I don't think you need.

But I'd watch it IF the lovable tank-bots were there, but without them what's the point? Even the original series sometmes got too heavy and slow, and the Fushikomas helped to lighten the mood.

No Fuchikoma no buy.