When I make a comic like that, I fear sounding too harsh, but being political hardly make for good jokes so have a little rant...

If you like Hearthstone but is perhaps tired of jades and pirates, you'll enjoy Shadowverse, specially if anime cheesecake doesn't bother you. Any criticism about the Shadowverse gameplay could also be made about Hearthstone, with Shadowverse perhaps being more balanced. Perhaps.

However, if you think the Hearthstone formula is stale and you want something new, Shadowverse plays pretty much the same. This is good if you want to avoid a learning curve but bad if you are tired of it.

And which one is better? I like Shadowverse art more but isn't for everybody, and I can't say which one is more balanced either. If I had started with Shadowverse I'd probably stick with it, but since I started with Hearthstone I see few reasons to make the switch.

I miss the ding dong angel thou.

*fixed ding dong type.