No Exceptions

When I first saw Orisa, the new Overwatch model, I didn't like it, but seeing it animated made a whole wolrd of difference. I'm sure many will dislike the emoticon eyes she can make but I like it, remind me of Ghost in the Shell fushikomas.

It's still not my favorite kind of robot design, but I give it's pretty unique, and originality goes a long way for creating an memorable character.

Gameplay wise, I like her kit. I feel she can replace Reinhart on some compositions but I may be underestimating the disadvantage of not being able to move your shield after you deploy it. Still, playing Reinhart is hard and unfun if you are not a Rein main who knows when to commit and Orisa is more straightfoward on that way. Basically, if your team wants a Rein and you don't want to play him you can try Orisa and if they still complain you can pick Hanzo and tell than to fuck themselves.