Mana Cow

Can i bitch about Roadhog? Because I'm going to bitch about Roadhog...

Fucking hook is instakill on anyone but a tank, and versus tanks he'll 2-shot them because they have huge hitboxes and his shotgun get full value there.

Hook could as well have infinite range. Only hero I can (sometimes) escape it is Pharah at the apex of her jump, and you better start to float away from him because he'll grab you if you are not touching the skybox.

100000 HP + self healing. You'll run out of bullets before he ran out of health. 

The result he can survive ultimates, hook and kill whoever wasted his super ability on him... every 8 seconds.

Also ugly.

Conclusion: Icefrog and Riot had one night of hate sex and Roadhog is the result.

Nerf plis.