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I got nostalgic about Advance Wars and decided to google a bit to see if there is any remake in the ways either by Nintendo of a 3rd party willing to capitalize on a half-abandoned IP.

I found 3 games, Macro Tactics, Tiny Metal and Spellbound.

Macro Tactics looks the closest to Advance Wars, it's 2d, it's military but the art did not appeal to me, it's like something made on AutoCad by an engineer instead of an artist. Of all 3, that's the one I am least interest unless the art changes because they are all selling themselves as Advance Wars clones so the gameplay should be similar across all titles with only the art, music and story setting them apart.

Tiny Metal keep the military theme but goes 3d. It looks surprisingly polished and the sales pitch video was funny and I like the CO looks. However I am a sucker for nice 2d graphics and this one is 3d.

Spellbound has the PERFECT graphic for my taste and the gameplay looks EXACTLY like Advance Wars down to the menus....however, it's a medieval game so unless they are keepling the balance with tanks being dragons and catapults being missile launchers, it's a new game. Also, personally, I prefer a military setting to the overused medieval fantasy one.

Still, it's a close call so I'll just buy both assuming they do not disappear on development hell. If I had to pick ONE however I'd go with Spellbound because it's 2d and may have some fresh ideas with the fantasy setting. Keep in mind Spellbound is being made by the guys who made Starbound so who knows when it'll be launched.

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