Shopping Spree

Binding of Isaac got a new expansion and I obviously had to give it a try.

The game got HARD, on top of being naturally dificult to begin. I know people who had 20+ victory streaks but for most people, it was a coin toss if you would beat it or not, such is the nature of roguelikes.

With the new expansion I feel the bullshit factor got up a notch and I went from always beating Mom's Heart to failing to reach it.

I think there are room in the world for all kind of games, from casual to hardcore, but when your game has a certain level of challenge and it changes with an expansion, I think it's bad.

Sometimes I think Isaac success was more luck than skill and Afterbirth is how the creators really wanted it to be, a grueling, hopeless experience, this is reflected on some questionable design choices like not showing what a item do until you pick it. Everybody who plays Isaac knows so why not put the fucking information inside the game Edmund? I'm sure on his vision the player should know the items but in the end people just tab to check it.

I heard good things about Antibirth (a fan-made expansion) so I may give it a try...