There Are Options

A little insight from the behind-of-the-scenes of creating a comic.

At first, picking a game store, cyber café or any other game-centric option seen the best option. Namely, a net café seen like it would be the perfect mix of all the girls personalities. Morgan would stick to the library section, Jane would work with the Lan part and Anne would run the café part with Angie overseeing the whole thing. Plus, this comic is about games and you have games on the LAN part of the cyber café, right?

Wrong... . It's a game-centric comic not a business one. Also just because people play games doesn't means they want to see a comic about running an  arcade. Yeah, the arcade machines have games, but the comic would end up being about fixing old hadware and rude patrons, not about Mario or Team Fortress.

In the end, it's about the games itself or the game characters and it's easy to pick the wrong focus. A bar is a gathering place for people of all walks of life and I can easily put an arcade machine in the back if I need it for the plot.

So I decided to pick a bar instead. A restaurant or a café could also work and all had their own advantages but I feel a bar open more possibilities.

And don't worry... the comic is still about gaming, the bar is just a place for gaming stuff to happen instead of the non-descript green house where the girls live, plus I can give them some cute uniforms. :)