Broken Heart

It's not uncommon for some games to not be popular when they were launched, but those jewels had the support of a small but loyal community, and had critics praise.

No Man Sky been panned by his fans and I don't think any change, good or bad, would change the fate of the game at this point.

The change, by the way, it's base building. I have no idea of how a game which incentives you to leave planets as soon as possible can benefit from base building. Maybe the bases are more like cheap small factories which you can build to gather resources for you while you bunny hop the plains collecting plutonium.

But even if the game had dancing bunnygirls now, I won't touch it because I dread the idea of collecting meh-stones to more whatevertonium while jugging my tiny-ass inventory. Small inventory and resource grind are the bread and butter of No Man Sky (if not the whole game) and I had my fill of it.