Special Abilities

So, Sombra is here.

Now I played with and against her I can say.... I'm not impressed.

Now, the character is nice and all but at least at platinum bracketshe isn't winning many games.

She kinda plays like Tracer... invisbility instead of Blink to move behind enemy lines and Translocator instead of Recall. The big difference is Pulse Bomb versus Emp and personally I prefer ultimates which one-shot people.

When her cooldown are down she just... die. And instead of Tracer who seen to always have a blink when needed, with Sombra being caught with her pants down isn't uncommon.

Still, even if she is Tracer-with-a-twist I'd say she is unique enough to appeal to people who like invisibile heroes and are not twitchy enought to play Tracer.

I prefer to have her on the enemy team though.