Halloween Terror

October is probably the funniest month for gaming, with so many games doing their halloween specials.

Overwatch halloween special is pretty cool. Hollywood got a speical night reskin and the new Brawl is actually fun, instead of being just a normal match with class restrictions.

The brawl plays pretty much like TF2's Mann vs Machine, expect shorter but with a higher production value. I'd say Mann vs Machine is superior gameplay wise, but Overwatch one is more charming, with more production value. You want to play it at least once for sure.

The new skins are nice but I'm the kind of person who only change skins when I find one I like, instead of pickng a new one because it's new. I admit I'm tempted to buy Junkestein skin, but I'm saving it for the day Mei will get a nice one.

The event is nice and all, but what we all really want is the new hero. There is so much you can play the same maps with the same 2-2-2 composition until it get stale.