No more No Man Sky strips people, I swear. I just felt I had to adress Morgan relationship with the game since she used to be super hyped about it.

Personally, I'd like NMS much more if instead of collecting fuel all the time, you had instead to upgrade your ship to be able to go deeper in the universe on the same way you upgrade your pickaxe on Minecraft to dig deeper.

I also think it would be nice if different planets had different gravity, and the PvE side was more than staring contests between you and the drones.

Still, I've already said too much about it, changing subjects... did you knew Star Citizen has a first person mode, complete with guns and all?

I'm not complaining, but isn't this game supposed to be about ships and space? How complex this game is going to be? By one side, the game could be HUGE if all pieces works together to make a super deep game... by other side, there are so much you can fit inside a single game before you lose focus.

I'm skepitcal, even more after No Man Sky but I'm hoping it all works in the end.