Summer Games

While the International is nice and all, the group stage format is usually low on tension because no one can be sent home yet. Only near the end when some teams are struggling to avoid the lower brackets we have some build up tension.

The last day of the group stage is when we start seeing some storylines. If you are the kind of person who likes to watch car crashed and train wrecks look no further than Secret games has they slowly fumble their way to the lower bracket. S A D B O Y S.

Alliance had some clutch battles, managing  some last minute much needed victories to avoid the lower bracket but still, barely managing to do it doesn't build up confidence.

I think everybody is surprised with EHOME, they are a Wildcard (aka, last to qualify) team and yet they are top of their group. What the fuck are those chinese boys eating???

So far, both teams I'm cheering (OG and MVP) are on the winners. A surprise since whoever I put my eyes crash and burn like a moth into a jet engine.