Greatest Weapon

I watched some competitive Overwatch to see if I could learn some new tricks and to find a new e-sports to follow.

Dota definitely spoiled me there because I found following the action on Overwatch super confusing. I think I'd much prefer the option to just follow a single hero instead of the camera jumping all the time in the middle of action with billions of effects in the screen. The teams don't having a specific skin doesn't help either. Is that white Reaper over there from Cloud 9 or Luminosity? Some matches even had 2 Junebug skins so the way to know which one was on each team was a small outline around the model.

Also, the presence of ultimates and healing means the team which gets a slightly edge (say, one of the enemy supports died to a headshot) will probably steamroll. This means few comeback and few surprises.

But not all was lost. EnvyUs (I think) picked a Mei on King's Row and wrecked the enemy team with walls blocking the enemy escape route. Was hilarious to see how a pro team crumble when a non-meta pick throw a wrench on their plans.

I'll probably watch it a bit more to see where my opinion on the matter stands.