Armor Pack

So Blizzard released Ana, the new hero.

Coming from someone who loves cute, hot waifus, I like Ana visual, she has that lovable granny attitude going and prob. has the best alt skins in the game. Hell, they even put a young version for those who want his game wrinkle free.

Gameplay wise, I love her alternate abilities... the anti-heal grenade, the sleep dart, the boost... the package looks nice.

However, her main thing... "sniper healing" is far beyond my level of skill and I'll probably miss my target at a crucial moment. Also, no ez-mode Ressurect to turns the table of a losing fight.

In a nutshell, I think she is nice, but falls short of Mercy... still, Mercy is seen as the best hero in the game right now so that's a pretty tall order to match.

On a good side, she can stop Mei shenanigans so there is that...