NA Doto

On previous events, most of the spots for the International was given directly by Valve, but this time, only 6 teams were hand picked and the rest had to fight on regional qualifiers.

On China for example, you have several know names like IG, Vici Gaming, LGD and CDEC fighting tooth and nail for one of the 2 spots.

Meanwhile, NA doto grace us with the dota prowess of Drinking Boys and Friendship, Dedication, Love.

Not to say NA don't have good teams, former champions Evil Geniuses is a NA team. However, after EG you have perhaps Digital Chaos and Complexity as kinda strong teams and after that, well....

And yet, NA get 2 invites, meaning we are graced with some hilarious doto has T1 champions fight with pubstacks for their spot.

Na doto best doto.