Rocky Launch

I don't think I'd be making many more Might No 9 strips in the future.

To start, I don't want to join the hate train for 2 reasons.

First, since I did a (very smple) game once, I know it's no easy task. The closest comparision I can give is trying to control a ship. The bigger the ship, harder is to change direction and less hands in deck, more complicated is to do anything, and while Inafune game is not huge, I'm sure it was still big enough to be hard to control.

The 2nd reason is, the game is not awful. Yes, it's not great but his biggest sin is being average. It has some low points (the art) and some terrible points (the voice acting and writing) but it has some good points like the boss fights. Still, the whole package is average and if there was no brand name behind it people would ignore.

I can say Inafune (kinda) delivered what he promissed, Sure, people are free to feel they wasted their money but such are the pits of Kickstarters. He didn't ran away with people's money while delivering a incomplete game which crashed my HDD.

Personally, the game failed to me when they went 3d. I paid for nostalgia and this is lost with 3d graphics, but it's my particular case and as far as money wasting go, I've made worse buys.