Secret Identity

Every time I watch a Starcraft 2 game featuring some Zerg, it looks like they are the underdog, fighting from behind or doing all-in. Maybe I just watch bad zerg players but they look underpowered as fuck.

On a different subject, I can't imagine Valve people spend the last 3 years polishing Dota map and TF2 hats so I like to dream they are doing something nice there.

Kojima new game looks weird as fuck. Maybe it's awesome instead of just cryptic nonsense. However, if the game sucks I may be one of the few who won't be disappointed since I don't usually enjoy Kojima games. Before the fans come to eat me, I'm not saying they are bad, but they are definitely not my cup.

Tobjorn has the highest winrate on consoles on Overwatch, which makes me happy to be part of the master race, because fuck Tobjorn. I should make a long post about how much I dislike him, but not today...

Enjoy the comic and until next time.