A Sea of Salty Tears

If you haven't seen it yet, the 2nd game of MVP vs Liquid was one of the best dota I've ever seen. Full of action, flawless execution and close saves.

On the other side of the spectre we have Evil Geniuses and Secret flopping like a fish on the land. They struggled a lot but end up going nowhere.

Lots of casters are hinting "internal problems" to blame... they hint at it so much I believe they may have some insight of what is really happening there.

Whatever drama happened there is probably more interesting than the flacid dota we saw on this event from those teams. Expect both teams to disband if they don't get a direct invite for the International and at this point, not winning one may be a blessing in disguise because otherwise it would force the teams to keep a roster which just isn't working together for 3 more months.

To close, I don't think Artour "RTZ" will swap teams... he will take a break and retire to join a new team some months later.

Technically, not a swap.