Trash Tier

Ancient of Lore was a staple of Druid decks everywhere but I never though the card was THAT strong. For 7 mana a 5/5 body isn't too powerful so you clearly picked it for the card draw.

But card draw is important mostly on combo decks where you are trying to gather all your combo pieces to one-shot your enemyn, but now they killed combo druid with the change to Force of Nature I very much doubt people would still auto-included it on all Druid decks.

People also sometimes put lots of resources in killing Ancient of Lore because of the fear they joining the Savage + Force rape train. With no combo people can safely ignore it and go face or develop their own board.

I'd rather have a strong 7 mana drop instead of paying 7 mana for the change to draw one. For a comparision, you could drop an Ancient of War (5/10 taunt) for the same price.

p.s. Arcane Golem would fit this comic better, but Ancient of Lore is more recognizable and fun to draw. Arcane Golem thou is truly Dumpster Tier right now.