Drama Alert

I got a cold, nothing big but enough to make working a less than pleasurable experience and yet, comic won't draw itself.

I kind miss when Angie lived with Tentajo because I could make her make one of those silly sick comics. Regrets...

I am halfway thru Avatar (the cartoon, not the movie, or the movie abou the cartoon) and the series improve halfway thru the 2nd season. I'm glad people told me the 1st season was a bit weak because I was intrigued about why people liked the series so much.

The series get good after Toph joins because after that all the characters are properly presented and the story can finally move foward instead of moving around meeting the secondary character of the day.

Also, Sokka is turning into a lady killer. Pretty surprising give he is the comedic relief.

And yes, I know I am very late to the Avatar party. Bite me.