I feel the internet kills a good part of the pleasure of playing Stardew Valley.

Old Haverst Moon games had loss conditions and harsh events which could heavily set you back or made you lose the game, plus a time limit so going for FAQs was a way to lessen frustation of a loss after spending so much time on your farm.

But Stardew has no bad event outside planting too much before a season change and losing your crops and money, and you can always start from scratch since the game offers you way to make (little) money even if you has no crops.

By going on the internet though you learn all the fancy shortcuts, best crops, best build order, best everything and it take up a bit of the fun of the game.

However I don't regret reading several tips because I can't put 1000 hours on a single game and knowing some obscure stuff like "all crop fruits work as good gift for all villagers"  save me planning and time.