In XCom 1, after you finish a mission, you had a frame of your soldier standing near the last alien killed, this was the "Mission Status Report" screen and after that you go directly to the minimap with the skyranger flying back to your base.

On XCom 2, the "Mission Status Report" happen inside the Skyranger with your survivings soldier. This truly is a loading screen in disguise where I believe the computer update and load the wolrd map and events.

The thing is, the screen last for ages, whatever process XCom needs to do load the world map seems heavy and unoptmized. For a while I was thinking my computer was really outdated because of this screen but looks like it's a widespread problem.

Outside that, I have no big complains about XCom2 and I really like all the interface and combat decisions they made.

I still would want more than 6 soldiers though.