Fun And Interactive

Complaining about your favorite game is commonplace, and Hearthstone is no different.

A common complain is to nag about a deck being "unfun" or "uninteractive" because it's better than saying the deck is OP which may hint a lack of skill of the complainer. By calling the deck unfun you remove the skill part of the table while still hoping to change what make it not fun, for example, Freeze Mage ability of stalling the game for a long time.

I'll admit I agree with the un-fun part of the freeze. Depending of how good they draw, you'll pass 3 or 4 turns just to get a Alexstraza + nuke combo and one-shot you. You basically did nothing for most of the match outside throwing a creature to be frozen next turn.

However, I've seen people call any kill combo "un-interactive" now. Grom + Cruel Taskmaster? Un-interactive. Savage + Force combo? Un-interactive. 2 fireballs right in the face? You got what I am saying by now... losing is unfun, and any deck which kill me should be nerfed so it don't win and I can have my fun back.

Only way to fight is to use non-charge minions so the enemy can properly setup taunts. Maybe using hero power, assuming the fun police is not awake to punish your shenanigans.

And no secret bullshit, it's un-fun and un-interactive!