Critical Damage

The more perceptive among you may have noticed I didn't updated friday.

There was a thunderstorm with some freaky gale which took out the power of most of the city for 48 hours.

Most of the population is being kinda reasonable with the long-ass blackout because it was a rare storm. Some gas station was leveled and one mall is still close for repairs after the roof caved but I'm not that generous. In the end of the day it was just wind and water, not a earthquake or tsunami.

My street usually has serious power problems but this time at least the problem was more spread. Still, it just make me want to move more than before.

Oh, and I had planned to delivery the last 2 january patreon cheesecakes on the weekend but with the power failure I'm behind schedule. I'll try to put both up as soon as possible.

Now, back to our (hopefully) regular schedule.