Sorry for the late comic, let me explain.

Yesterday I went to buy a new coach. I left home at 10am, arrived at 9pm. Exactly, we are talking about a 11 hours shopping spree to find a good couch.

I was baffed of how many uncomfortable couchs are out there... you think after centuries of couch making people would have a reasonable idea of what make a couch good but looks like LOTS of people out there prefer form over function.

I found 2 couchs which I enjoyed, but the 1st one was made of linen, which cats destroy and is hard to clean.

The 2nd one was vert comfortable for a very nice price (50% discount) so I end up with it. Only problem is the couch is small (2 seats) but I guess I can always buy a 2nd one or a comfy chair / bean bag / etc.

But to be honest, I like that couch so much I may just buy a 2nd one of the same brand in the future.

But when I arrived in my home I went to bed for "a quick nap" and wake up in the morning, thus the comic was late.