I don't even remember when was the last time Dota 2 got a new hero. With a 100 strong roster I can't complain about variety, and perhaps balancing the current team is more important than adding more elements to the equation but new heroes are fun, even if some are discarded few days after release because they are too complicated.

And this saturday is the grand finals of the 1st Dota 2 Major, and while I joked about the delays I'm preeeetty sure there will be a new patch few weeks after the end of the tournament.

Hell, we may even get new heroes!

p.s. I know Pit Lord may be called Abyssal Underlord in Dota 2, but the hero is not released yet so I'm going with his Dota 1 name for now.

p.p.s. I also know Earth Spirit is released, but he isn't on Captain's Mode yet.