Thanks Icefrog

One cool thing Overwatch has is the ultimates. Cool in an "action movie" sense. Jumping around shooting rockets, doing a western shootout or summoning a huge dragon just screams "cool".

However, it sometimes feel cheap to lose because one guy wiped half of your team by pressing one button. Eventually everyone will get at least one ulti per round and you just hope the guy don't decide to use it just to kill you.

Ultimates can fail thou, on the same way a kritz medic can be headshot or stabbed... so it's not like they are an automatic "I win" button.

Also, some ultimates are just better than others in my opinion. The dragon I spoke earlier has a "wind up", is slow moving, don't kill you instantly and Hanzo even shout he is lauching it. Basically, you never see Hanzo's dragon on the "play of the match" replay in the end because he hardly kill anyone with it.

Still, the game is beta and perhaps this (and other stuff) will change.

On, and I need to add... I really like the different music clips they play on the start of every map. The game has a super sweet musical score.