Patron Nerf 2

Let me explain why the comic not been updated for 2 days.

Wednesday night when the comic was halfway done a heavy storm hit the whole city. There were multiple floodings, landslides and of course, power failures.

Given the problem was city wide, it took a while (36 hours) for my power to be restored. In the meanwhile I had no power or running water.

In the 2nd day I got pissed and bought a external battery for my cellphone so I could at least have some internet, which was used mostly to call the energy company to fix my place.

Today the energy was restored but I still had no internet. Still, with power I could finish today's page and wait for the internet to be properly restored for me to upload the comic.

I may try to update on the weekend to make up for it but honestly, depends of how much energy I'll have because it been 2 days living like a caveman and  I want to enjoy the pleasures of modern life a bit.

Enjoy the comic!