Patch Time

All in all, I think this patch didn't broke any hero except Techies, which I think was on purpose.

Storm is worst, but given how broken he was he is now more on part with other heroes.

Lina lost a bit of solo one-shot capacity but she can still wreck face.

Gyro... ok.I think Gyro may be garbage now. His ultimate won't pierce BKB anymore and Rocket Barrage got yet another nerf. What's the point of the hero now?I think he is an case of hero nerfed because pros pick him, not because he was op. Same reason Batrider was overnerfed.

Shadow Fiend untoched. Expect to see lots of Shadow Fiend in the future because why not? The hero works.

Lifestealer got a bizarre "can infest ancients" ultimate which looks cute but don't solve his "I'll kite you forever" problem.

Bounty Hunter got a change which I think I'll cause lots of people to fall into baits. I think the biggest issue he can't give high ground vision during a siege by marking a single person before the fight starts.

Expect to see lots of Chaos Knight highlight videos with him one-shotting anything with a bolt + rift + phantasm combo.

To close, mandatory Dark Serr nerf. I should make a strip about this one day...

tl;dr - Good patch.