I really wanted to talk about Aui_2000 being kicked from Ti5 champion EG, but I juuuust started this little arc and really don't want to break the flow so here is a double update.

If a team want to shuffle, now is the time. There is a good pool of players wanting to change home after subpar performance in the championship and after some months you can't swap players without losing your spot in the majors so the time for change is now.

Is kicking Aui_2000 the best course of action? Well, there is this popular saying which says "you don't change a winning team" however, EG current captain, Fear, is going to suffer a surgery on his arm and is stepping down the captain role to play support, thus opening a spot on the carry slot.

Now, EG has 3 options.

Keep the current team and shuffle players around in different positions.

Kick Fear.

Kick Aui and pick a new player to fill Fear spot, which is what they did.

EG manager said this was the players decision on "what was best for the team" but I disagree. This was the majority of the players wanted but I hardly believe EG will end up stronger with this new lineup.

Let me just say both Arteezy and Sumail are very much Dota players, with all the babyrage, mad and salt the title deserves. I expect lots of juicy drama about this new lineup on the coming months.

But hey, I may be wrong and the team end up being the most succesful dota team ever made, but I won't be betting my rares on it.