Need more dakka

Looks like Valve is listening to the pro community to make some adjustments to the game, turning it better for the competitive scene.

I am curious of what kinda of change this can generate, but given the pro scene barely plays Spy / Engineer / Heavy / Pyro, I give myself the right to be at least a bit worried.

To give the pros some credit, I found the game with less crits to be more enjoyable and that was, imho, a good change.

Recently I tried to use Natascha again, just for a change of pace and I found it somehow effective. I don't know what patch changed / fixed it but the slowdown is noticeable even at medium range. Scouts in special get really affected and its fun to see little man trying to crawl around full of boolets.

The damage is still not that good, and you will miss old Sasha when fighting sentries and others heavies, still, if you walk around with other people you will almost always get your kill, or at least an assist.

Give Nat a try, specially in scout-infested maps, you may be surprised.