If a championship as big as the International can be DDOS'ed, what hopes small ones, and even single games, have of not being ruined?

This year International been full of upsets by the way, 2 wildcard teams (including one korean) survived all the way to the 3rd day of the main event, and most of the former champions already been eliminated.

While it seen a bigger pool of heroes are viable this year, I feel strategy wise the game is poorer because there is no more split push or quick push strategy and the game boils down to who can farm their 2 cores the fastest.

And yes, I was a fan of Deathball, the problem was not the strategy but pussy chinese teams calling GG 5 minutes into the game because they "knew the match was lost", aka no balls. Any game will be boring if the other side quit halfway thru the match, specially on a grand final.