People complained about me not doing enough research about the Warcraft movie and about it being about "Warcraft" and not "World of Warcraft".

To start I did point the movie won't reflect the current WoW state, this means they had to dig the previous state, i.e. the pre-WoW lore. I don't need to do research to recognize the elements of classic Warcraft on the trailer, because I still remember when Deadmines was a map on the classic version, thou I don't remember what I had to do there...

However, I (and others) don't care about the classic Warcraft lore anymore. It's been TOO long. For all intents, Warcraft for me now has pandas, gnomes and purple elves.

Sure, I think the old lore was better, with humanity  trying to defend itself against the green rampanging tide but for better or for worse, Blizzard made the orcs shamanistic, turned draenei into good boys and inserted pop culture references in every spot they could.

Maybe 5 years ago I would care, but now anymore. The new lore is too silly for me to enjoy, but it's "canon" and I won't live in the past reliving the lore from 20 years ago.

Now if someone is excited about it, go for it, enjoy the flick, eat some pop corn, have a good time.

For me, it's too late, and I can't watch the Warcraft movie has anything more than another fantasy action move.