Wet Spot

Let me take this rant to talk about the combat system of Witcher 2.

Witcher 2 has a big glaring flaw which is, you combat kit starts very gimped. Until you put skill points on it, you can't riposte, parrying is not very effective and your dodge roll sucks. Melee combat is hard when it works, and punishing when it fails.

On the other side, Magic combat works from the get go. Spamming Igni may be slow and cumbersome, but it's safe and it works, and raising your Vigor (think Mana) make it expotentially better and again, it's safe. Most of the enemies in the game are melee so burning your fireballs and running in circles is probably part of the Witcher training lessons.

So while the Sword tree MAY be better later, the game fails in showing it. It starts weak with no way to know it will get better. The game would benefit a LOT if you started with Riposte and Improved Dodge to make the melee combat be minimally useful at the start.

Which is a pity, because the melee combat looks like it may be fun, and spamming Igni hardly feel heroic or interesting.

3 Moon Runes op.