Bat Witch

Looks like the comics world been rife with changes lately. Female Thor, Armored Batman, Black Spider Man, Nerfed Superman...

None of those changes is bad in itself and sometimes you need to shake up things a little, but with so many changes over the years I start to not recognize the comics anymore.

I feel at this point most of the comic icons are just a superpower and uniform. I could turn Angie in the new Batman equiped with Bat-Sentries protecting the control points of Gotham City while being chased by SpyJoker.

This kind of stuff used to be a "What If" or "Elseworlds" scenery but lately it's "canon" on the "main" timeline.

Stuff like that is why I stopped reading cape comics. While the status quo never changes, re-do the same plot over and over with different actors wearing the same costume. There is so much you can re-use a character.

Who knows, maybe in 5 years the Joker will take the bat mantle after Bruce goes missing, fighting crime with his humor and madness.

I really should make the Bat Angie story though...