No Kill

Some people been complaining about the protagonist of Fallout 4 having a voice breaks immersion and here is my 2 cent on it.

If your character isn't voice, but the NPCs are, the dialogue flows weird with one side constantly chatting and the other one in complete silence. It just doesn't flow well.

Of course, we can remove voice from ALL characters but I don't think people would accept this at this day and age. I could, but I'm old school and honestly, some of the best characters in modern games had superb voice acting.

So giving the character a voice works the best in my opinion. I never felt Shepard was less "me" because he did not sound exactly like me.

Of course, I know some people been complaining not about the whole voice thing, but about having the story been less open in Fallout 4 to give it a better narrative, but this is the topic for another rant...